XImaging AI Robot Scientist

The research and experiment will be high efficient and relaxing.


Automatic Products

The automation of intelligent laboratory has never been so simple.

XImaging AI Robot Scientist

The HelenX robot scientist can be used to integrate different kinds of instruments and it can accomplish sampling operation. Through the excellent proficiency and coherence of robot, the repetitive and boring manual experiment processes can be replaced. The high throughput stacks and unattended automatic operation can be run for long period of time.

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XImaging Hybrid Mobile Robot

XImaging 7-Axis Collaborative Robot

Latest Products

High Throughput Screening, New Generation

Intelligent Microbial Colony Picker System

The status and position of Streptomyces and Escherichia coli can be recognized through AI vision. It can accomplish the whole process automation from transfer of petri dish, cover opening, picking, coating, pipetting etc.

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Intelligent Microbial Online Analysis System

Intelligent Medium Subpackage System

To energize pharmaceutical research and quality management automation

Intelligent Mobile Phase Configuration System

The automatic mobile phase configuration work station is based on AI automation and information. The main modules are robot system, solid weighing subpackage system, fluid treatment system, pH testing system, filtration and degassed system, central control system etc. It can reduce the cost of manual operations’ errors. It can also improve the accurate of mobile phase configuration.

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Intelligent RNA Vaccine Research Automation System

Intelligent Hybridomas Screening Automatic System

It supports cell and gene therapy innovation. At the same time, it helps the enterprise reduce costs and increase the efficiency.

Intelligent Cell Line Screening Automatic System

It can supply the automatic solution of cell strain high throughput screening. It covers the seeding cell of 96/24/6-well plate, culture and changing medium, offline data software connecting system of Cell Metric and Fortebio, supporting picking of active hole and expanding culture.

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Intelligent ELISA Automation System

Intelligent protein metabolism multi-omics pretreatment automatic system

National Standard products

It meets GB23350 excessive packaging arbitration law.

Intelligent Testing System for Excessive Packaging Volume 

The system is designed for testing analysis of excessive packaging of limitation of food and cosmetics. The principle is 3D imaging and the system has installed professional software. The laser will be used to collecting key information of surface and it can gather the surface date of the object. The sample volume is detected rapidly and accurately. 

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Intelligent EDX Heavy Metal Testing System

Intelligent pH Testing System


XImaging Automatic Solutions

XImaging provides professional automatic solutions for life science, biopharmaceutical, inspection and testing, chemistry areas etc.

  • Life Science

    Synthetic Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Precision Medicine

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  • Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical

    Small Molecular Drugs、CXO、Macromolecules 、Traditional Chinese Medicine、CGT

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  • Inspection and Testing

    Food Safety、Drug Safety、Cosmetic Safety、Environment and Water Safety

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  • Others


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XImaging Intelligent Laboratory

XImaging supplies the global design and construction service of whole process Building your special intelligent laboratory from 0-1


Laboratory Design and Plan


Intelligent Laboratory Management System


Laboratory Overall Configuration


Intelligent Laboratory Construction


Intelligent Instruments


Certification and Accreditation Service


XImaging Automation Modules and Components

Based on 400+ customer datas, XImaging disassembled and extracted a large number of basic operation modules, standardized and modularized them, cover more than 100 mainstream devices with over 90% of common operation steps;  It can be combined, customized, and upgraded based on requirements.

Samples Treatment

Basic Operation: Information Identification, Centrifugal Mix… 

Advanced Operation: Laboratory Consumables Positioning, Laboratory Consumables Count, Liquid Constant Volume…  

Results Analysis

Basic Operation: Cell / Bacteria count… 

Advanced Operation: Cell Fusion Rate Calculation, Cell Clone Count, Liquid Stratification Identification… 

Core Process of Life Science

Process Analysis

Basic Operation: Liquid Extraction, Refrigeration Water Bath…

Advanced Operation: Color Recognition, Morphological Analysis… 

Samples Transfer

Basic Operation: AGV…

Advanced Operation: Scene Recognition, Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance…  


XImaging Automatic Software and AI

iMagicOS turns Biotech work into AI.


It has been compatible with over 180 third-party drivers.

1 hour

The software can be deployed within one hour.

15+ Functional Islands

XImaging has implemented process control deployment and delivery for multiple functional islands.


Communication and analysis can be accomplished within 1 second.


The software is supported different logic combinations such as parallel and loop.

High Throughput

The software supports limitless of high throughput and multi-task dispatches.


Technological Support and Service

Product Demonstration

XImaging team will discuss with you according to your requirements from design solution to the accomplishment of entire Automatic and Intelligent System, and provide product demonstration services.

Research Customization/R&D customization(research and development)

XImaging has multi-cross professional laboratory automatic knowledge and can provide professional whole process solution according to the actual application of the customer.

Software Service

The software of XImaging can easily customize programming, control customized hardware systems, and interface with your laboratory's LIMS/data management system based on your actual application.

Whole Life Cycle Service/Full Lifecycle After-sales Support

XImaging provides comprehensive services throughout the project lifecycle from equipment delivery, repair, remote service, training, maintenance, and evolution upgrade support etc.

Technical Training

The engineers of XImaging will supply on-site equipment installation and give the one-on-one product training to assure the equipment operation.


The Leader of Life Science Intelligent Automatic Revolution

XImaging always adheres to the combination of AI, life sciences, and high-throughput experiments, committed to providing comprehensive automation and intelligence solutions for the entire process of synthetic biology, pharmaceutical screening, microbial detection, cell detection, molecular detection, and other fields. The product range of XImaging covers intelligent robot workstation systems in the fields of food safety, pharmaceutical safety, and life sciences Intelligent integration system, supporting instruments, equipment, and related consumables.

XImaging aims to be the world leading supplier of life healthy automatic and intelligent solution. XImaging wishes everyone can enjoy healthy, safe and high quality life in the world. XImaging promises to supply high quality technologies, products and service to the industry.

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Product Delivery


The trust and selection of customers


To share the concept and focus to you all.

  • 2023-12-11
    近期,汇像科技(X-imaging)宣布完成超亿元B轮融资。本轮融资由专业生物医疗投资机构盛山资本领投,产业机构东久新宜资本,爱博清石基金和沃生资本等多家长三角一体化投资机构跟投。凯乘资本担任此轮融资的独家财务顾问。   本轮融资后,将进一步助力汇像科技加大产品研发投入和市场布局,持续深耕生命科学、医疗诊断、检验检测等领域,推动汇像科技AI+自动化、AI机器人科学家、智慧实验室等产品与解决方案的推广与落地。     国家十四五规划中提出的“数字中国”战略,明确指出传统实验室的智能化数字化升级将成为关键的一环。随着人工智能、自动化技术和机器人技术的飞速发展,药物研发、合成生物和检验检测等领域传统实验室向自动化、智能化升级已成为不可逆转的趋势,实验室自动化+AI的应用极大的提高科学家科研效率、缩短科研成果产出周期。   作为一家专注在科学领域的人工智能技术企业,汇像科技(X-imaging)始终致力于用AI技术推动科学研究的发展。   在过去的几年里,汇像构建了一支由“应用科学家+人工...
  • 2023-11-14
    近日,河南首个“油气水智慧实验室”正式投运,该智慧实验室由汇像科技(X-imaging)为国网河南超高压公司整体建设及落地交付。 将云计算、大数据及物联网等先进技术应用于变电站设备的试验检测中,是集智能检测、智慧分析、数据实时共享为一体的全自动化智慧实验室。 (说明:本文正文内容转载自“河南日报”,“大象新闻”等相关媒体平台对国网河南超高压公司的报道。https://www.hntv.tv/rhh-2155598848/article/1/1714474619091238913 ) ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————  以下是正文内容  ———&md...
  • 2023-10-30
    国家技术标准创新基地(乳业)(以下简称“乳业创新基地”)是由国务院国有资产监督管理委员会推荐,由国家标准化管理委员会批准成立,是中国乳业领域唯一一家国家级创新基地。为落实《国家标准化发展纲要》,乳业创新基地联合全国食品工业标准化技术委员会(SAC/TC64)、全国食品质量控制与管理标准化技术委员会(SAC/TC313)、全国食品营养健康管理标准化工作组(SAC/SWG25)、全国食品发酵标准化中心等单位,共同开展了第二届“金鬲项目”甄选活动。智能微生物检测前处理系统获评“金鬲创新项目” 本次活动共收到技术研究、检验检测、智能制造、绿色低碳、营养健康等乳业产业链多个领域的73个申报项目。经形式审查、专家函审和专家会审(答辩)三轮评审,汇像科技的智能微生物检测前处理系统项目成功入选,荣获2023年国家技术标准创新基地的"金鬲创新项目"。 10月25日-26日,国家技术标准创新基地(乳业)2023年度大会暨第三届技术研讨会在京正式召开。本次会议以“技术创新 标法助力 共促乳品高质量发展”为主题,邀请了蒙牛集团总裁卢敏放、市场监...
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